NEW 360 DSLR lens

 A new 360 DSLR lens is going to change the industry forever. The new 360 DSLR lens "Sphere"by Sphere Optics, is as the name suggests. No more stitching or errors, and on top of that, it is compatible with Red cameras as well. Production companies will benefit greatly with the ability to set up and shoot using an Android or iOS device, and apparently "shoot up to 1mm without stitching artifacts or parallax errors" according to their site. The site says that eventually a version for the average consumer will be made available.

Use the cursor and drag the camera angle 360 degrees to have a look around.

I can't wait to see what the studio's will do with this, the fact that it is the only single lens 360 DSLR solution on the market, and as it is so new people will be rethinking shots that were literally impossible before. A completely different animal to 360 cameras, obviously this new 360DSLR gem will never affect their market which can take you under water in ultra HD, shoot stars, and fit in your pocket.