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360 SLR

Did you know there is a lens that there is a 360 degree lens? Typically a fish eye lens is used in conjunction with tripod, gimbal and software to produce a 360 photosphere, however a 360 lens does not require any accessories, hence can shoot 360. Sphere lens can attach to all types of DSLR bodies as well as Red cameras, it would be an entirely new type of 360 photosphere with an SLR body.

360DSLR videos

360DSLR VIDEOs shot using Sphere by Sphere Optics.  

NEW 360 DSLR lens

 A new 360 DSLR lens is going to change the industry forever. The new 360 DSLR lens " Sphere "by Sphere Optics, is as the name suggests. No more stitching or errors, and on top of that, it is compatible with Red cameras as well. Production companies will benefit greatly with the ability to set up and shoot using an Android or iOS device, and apparently "shoot up to 1mm without stitching artifacts or parallax errors" according to their site. The site says that eventually a version for the average consumer will be made available. Use the cursor and drag the camera angle 360 degrees to have a look around. I can't wait to see what the studio's will do with this, the fact that it is the only single lens 360 DSLR solution on the market, and as it is so new people will be rethinking shots that were literally impossible before. A completely different animal to 360 cameras, obviously this new 360DSLR gem will never affect their market which can take you under water i

Theta Z1 360 DSLR Option

Down by a creek in Gippsland, Eastern Victoria, you can see the bush bouncing back after the fires have swept through, a familiar sight now 4hrs East of Melbourne. The brackish water is typical of what you'll find throughout the Australian bush and is not potable. This photo was taken on the new Ricoh theta Z1, in the right hands can be an incredibly powerful instrument capable of images comparable to those taken by some 360 DSLR camera kit, in the right hands because there is some learning to do before you are getting everything out of this little marvel. Still compared to expensive and heavy 360 DSLR equipment, wow, add the underwater housing and the Ricoh dev's and there's an amazing camera. Priced between $999 and $1,322 USD in Australia. The 1 inch sensor and new features are the kicker. Ricoh Theta Z1 Spec PDF